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S humble roadside stand on the back roads of Georgia in 1937 , then grew to become America ’ s first roadside retail chain in the 1960s . You ’ d be hard pressed to find someone back then who didn ’ t light up at the thought of pulling off the interstate at a Stuckey ’ s to fuel up and grab the famous pecan log roll .

Family-owned and thriving , in 1960 Stuckey ’ s was at its peak with almost 400 stores in 40 states . But like most successful family-owned companies at that time , the Stuckey family decided to sell the business , taking it out of the family ' s hands .
That ’ s until Stephanie Stuckey came into the picture . Granddaughter of the Stuckey ’ s founder , she decided to buy back the company in November 2019 .
The catch ? Stuckey ’ s was now six figures in debt .
Armed with a passion for the family business and a love of pecans , Stuckey set out to

How a 1930s pecan candy company is turning heads on TikTok

Stuckey ’ s is a candy maker known for its pecan log rolls and kitschy souvenirs , which it sells at its convenience stores along highways in the United States . At the height of its success , the Stuckey family sold the company , but in 2019 , granddaughter of the Stuckey ’ s founder , Stephanie Stuckey , decided to buy it back , even though at the time , Stuckey ’ s was six figures in debt . Using the power of social media and the help of Hootsuite Professional , Stuckey has turned the company ’ s fortunes around and online sales grew by 750 % in just two years .
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