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// END-USER INSIGHT // rebuild her family ’ s legacy and figure out how to make it profitable .

Bringing Grandma ’ s recipe back in-house
The first thing Stuckey did when she bought back her family business was figure out which product was generating the most profit .
Unsurprisingly , it was the pecan log roll – the candy the company had been making for 85 + years – which was consistently their bestseller .
After outsourcing production for over 50 years , Stuckey could taste the difference . It wasn ’ t the same as her grandmother ' s original recipe and she knew that if she was going to turn this company around , she needed that authentic taste .
So , she bought a candy plant and a pecan shelling plant in the small town of Wrens , Georgia . A huge part of her storytelling is using social media to share a behind-the-scenes look at how Stuckey ’ s makes the candy .
“ TikTok has been key to my success because I can visually capture how the chocolate is being made , and people love it ,” said Stuckey .
Using Hootsuite ’ s new TikTok integration , Stuckey schedules TikToks that showcase candy making , her family story and her road trip finds throughout the US . And with Stuckey ’ s reaching more than 16,000 followers on TikTok , it ’ s clear there ’ s an appetite for this engaging content .
Winning a big following with a simple ( and smart ) content strategy
When Stuckey set out to build back the company , she knew the way forward was storytelling . To engage with the right demographic and get her story out , she knew social media would be the key to success .
Stuckey said : “ Social media has been a gamechanger for Stuckey ’ s . I think for all small businesses , it ’ s the great equaliser .”
When Stuckey first started out , she had almost no experience with social media . She knew Stuckey ' s more than anyone else , so she started out by simply committing to post content consistently every single day .
“ By posting every day , I grew a following ,” says Stuckey . “ And I am by no means an expert in social , but Hootsuite brought the resources I
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