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// FEATURE // allow for a greater volume of customer requests to be dealt with in a shorter space of time .

Also , as business finances continue to be stretched , making the shift to web chat and social media channels can offer some cost savings . In fact , moving conversations from telephone to web chat can quarter the price of customer service operations .
Implementing chatbot technology is another option to consider . There is certainly some scepticism among consumers about chatbots , this is most likely down to previous bad experiences . However , this doesn ’ t need to be the case and businesses should not be put off .
While it ’ s always essential for customers to have a direct route to an operator , so they can speak to one , if necessary , the quick reply features enable businesses to engage with customers automatically . This will be highly valued by customers , as according to our research , when asked what they believe are the main components of a good customer service conversation , the vast majority of people said short waiting times ( 61 %).
Like any technology , it ’ s important to recognise its limitations , but businesses can absolutely be using it to their advantage without damaging their relationship with customers .
Final thoughts
Being a small business owner is a fast-paced and demanding role . With much of the responsibility falling to them , it can leave them spread very thin . This makes it easy to neglect some aspects of the business , including customer service . When enquiries are minimal , the impact they have on business reputation may not be fully appreciated .
However , with our research suggesting the importance of effective customer service , it should not be underestimated . By using an outsourced service , alongside implementing the correct technology , small businesses can give customers the care they deserve to maintain satisfaction and encourage new customers . �

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