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New data reveals the exact time


Data from more than 15,000 email campaigns has offered key insights to SMEs looking to grow their businesses , including the best time to send that email with a new business approach . Sopro , an award-winning email prospecting business , explains how its new report reveals how email is still the top marketing channel . The company has also outlined tips on how to create the perfect email campaign .

S than 15,000 campaigns and 50 million emails in order to pinpoint the most fruitful time for a new business approach , which revealed that emails sent on Mondays at 11am will generate the highest lead rate from an email marketing campaign .

More specifically , the email that lands at 11am on a Monday will need to be the third followup to secure the most leads .
The data also suggested that SMEs need to keep the email short and to the point with those less than 250 words being read and opened the most . It also provides tips for creating the most effective email and prospecting campaign .
According to the report , email is still the top marketing channel when it comes to new business prospecting – as revealed by Sopro ’ s new whitepaper , The State of Prospecting 2023 .
The annual whitepaper , now in its second year , revealed that 59 % of marketers believe that email is over twice as effective at generating leads than channels such as pay-per-click and paid social media , despite some marketers focusing spend in those channels .
When it comes to new business , most decision-makers want a one-to-one approach , with referrals ( 42 %) and webinars or face-toface events ( 24 %) coming in second and third place after personalised email , to cultivate business leads .
The whitepaper also reveals that 77 % of B2B buyers prefer to be contacted over
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