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57 % OF ORGANISATIONS TAKE WEEKS FOR infrastructure access to be approved


S behind a People-First Access Platform , has released the results of its latest survey , the 2022 Access-Productivity Gap Report , which revealed that almost twothirds of organisations have their productivity impacted on a daily or weekly basis due to access issues .

The survey of 600 DevOps professionals highlights the consequences organisations can face when access is poorly managed and technical teams turn to workarounds to access critical systems .
Over half of technical staff wait days or weeks for access to critical systems
The report shows that it takes days to add tools to existing access solutions for 40 % of the organisations surveyed , with 21 % of businesses waiting weeks or months . As a result , access , productivity and security create a negative loop . When technical staff is unable to access new tools , productivity is impacted . When that happens , it should come as no surprise that impatient employees will devise workarounds that create unintended security risks .
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