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It even occurs in industries like healthcare , where practitioners turn to encrypted messaging apps – WhatsApp , Signal or otherwise – to share patient diagnoses , images of injuries and scans and other private information as it is the fastest way to do so , allowing them to commence treatment sooner .
While there is a need for consistent education of workers on what their obligations are to remain compliant , there is as much – if not more – of a need for employers to equip employees with the right capabilities to fulfil their roles .
Providing the best customer experience – often regarded as the make or break of a company – takes more than flashy apps to connect with consumers . It means facilitating digital tools to optimise collaboration , streamline processes and tasks and create a ‘ safe space ’ through which workers and customers can interact without the fear data and conversations will be exposed .
It also means extending the affordances of automation and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to staff , so they are supported by pseudo digital sidekicks that conduct judgement-based work and monitor whether regulations are being met to reduce uncertainties and grey areas .
When staff have access to a streamlined communications platform , interactions and conversations are more efficient and there ’ s a minimised risk of data misuse .
Under the current hybrid work setup , digital environments can be complicated when a diverse array of applications connect to a workplace ’ s network – making it even harder for management to oversee the full perimeter to avoid any breaches of compliance obligations .
When all avenues for communicating with customers are consolidated within a secured and authorised environment , employees can not only do their jobs as intended , but bosses gain assurances of how information is handled and consumers gain confidence in their private data remaining safe .
As digital services continue to entrench themselves in our daily routines , Australians will continue reaping the benefits both personally and professionally . But leaders have an obligation to consider the inherent risks , both to ensure practices are compliant and to keep employee and customer data safe .
With the right tools to carry out their companies ’ ambitions , Australia ’ s workforce can unlock the full potential of digital services , completing their jobs effectively and efficiently – in a way that ’ s unencumbered by productivity roadblocks and importantly , never threatens compliance . �

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