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• Less opportunities for businesses largely due to limited context from the marketing team . The sales team ended up with reactive selling – selling only when a distributor requested for a sample on behalf of their customer . The result ? Fewer contracts . Plus , the lack of opportunities to cross-sell and upsell .
Williams said : “ CRMs are not used much ( in our industry ) although they should be given the nature of what we do .”
Users , therefore , had little to no experience using CRM software , which meant the team had to look for software that was easy to use . Pricing was a deciding factor too .
Evans had evaluated popular CRM solutions in the market but neither met all expectations . Freshsales was a clear winner for Evans .
How did Freshsales fit the bill ?
In short , the ‘ simplicity and power of the tool ’. Pricing , ease of use and quick implementation were other factors .
Williams shared that several people had little to no experience using a CRM . But with Freshsales , implementation only took about three weeks .
Keeping the sales pipeline full with Freshsales
With Freshsales , the sales activity increased by 225 % between the end of January 2020 to the end of August 2020 .
The revenue went up by 9 % in January as compared with 2019 – a great start to the year and an even better journey with revenue increasing by 23 % in February until COVID-19 hit the market in March .
Even with the pandemic taking over the market , Evans Manufacturing was able to adapt quickly and in a short time – retaining clients and securing new ones too .
In the light of these events and staff restructuring , Evans Manufacturing started building prospect engagement activities with the help of Freshsales .
“ This new way of engaging clients tends to be faster , more personalised , relevant and very specific ,” Williams said . “ Freshsales is allowing us to keep going with limited resources , given the shifting environment . It ’ s an asset .”
Freshsales centralised data and streamlined manual activities
Ron Williams , CMO at Evans Manufacturing
And ease of use ?
Williams said : “ We spent a few months getting users acquainted with the system . We offered the users the freedom to ‘ break the system ’, as opposed to the typical habit of caution over confidence in clicking or exploring something unknown .”
Next up , Freshsales offered a centralised home for all the customer data to Evans Manufacturing . Not only did that allow the organising data and making it accessible to all the teams , it streamlined activities such as quoting and researching .
Ultimately , the team was able to quit switching between apps and had a clear distributor – client hierarchy .
Lastly , in contrast with other leading CRM software , Freshsales turned out budgetfriendly too .
As soon as Freshsales was implemented , the sales team was encouraged to enter customer information . The mobile app made curating client information all the more convenient .
But , despite complying with gathering data , the sales reps ’ interest in logging in all the enduser info round the ( work ) clock spiked as they started noticing the benefits of extracting info on the spot while engaging with distributors .
Moreover , this information served as a reference bank for future engagements , which helped them develop customer behaviour patterns for personalised selling .
Freshsales personalised sales deals
Before centralising all the customer hierarchy , the sales team was dependent on a distributor opening a tender for their client . Things took a turn when reps could extract personalised information from the gathered data .
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