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Pipedrive among the first to join Samsung AppStack
FreshBooks launches Mileage Tracking on iOS app
FreshBooks , a provider of small business accounting software in America , with paying customers in 100 + countries , has announced its new Mileage Tracking feature . Small business owners using the Mileage Tracking feature in the FreshBooks iOS app can :
• Automatically track their mileage on the FreshBooks iOS app as they drive and , with one-swipe , categorise as personal or business-related
• Be organised and ready to maximise their deductions at tax time
• View an estimate of their potential tax deduction at any time and download and share mileage reports whenever needed
“ Business mileage can add up fast and FreshBooks research shows that only half of small business owners say they track mileage today ,” said Mike McDerment , CEO and Co-founder of FreshBooks . “ Adding Mileage Tracking right inside FreshBooks makes it easier-than-ever for our customers to keep everything organised in one place and maximise their tax deductions .”
Pipedrive , a leading CRM for sales teams , announced that it is among the first apps featured on Samsung AppStack , a new easy-to-use and customisable platform for small and mediumsized companies looking to accelerate their business in today ’ s economy .
Scott Fratianne , VP of Channels Sales and Partnerships at Pipedrive , said that being one of the founding applications within Samsung ’ s new marketplace is a great opportunity to support
salespeople in their work wherever they are located .
He said : “ Mobility has become a critical component within the SMB market , with many organisations being entirely run on mobile devices . As smartphones are the primary device that sales professionals are using to communicate with prospects and customers these days , there is a natural fit for Pipedrive to collaborate with Samsung , a market leader in mobility solutions .”
Sage and Revolut partner to hand back three weeks of admin time to small business owners
Sage , a market leader in cloud business management solutions , has collaborated with Revolut to add another seamless account integration to its Sage Accounting software for small businesses .
On average , small businesses have spent 15 working days this year rekeying payments , reconciling their business accounts and correcting errors . Sage and Revolut Business customers can now automatically reconcile their transactions to match their accounts in seconds . With this automation , business owners no longer have to trawl through boxes of receipts , sift through statements or ‘ guesstimate ’ cash flow positions . “ Never have businesses needed time relief more . Nobody started a business to reconcile their books every month ,” says Neal Watkins , EVP Small Business Segment , Sage .
“ Small businesses will no longer need to process receipts and bank statements manually . In 2020 the average business has spent three working weeks on such tasks . That ’ s unacceptable when there is cloud technology that automates repetitive manual tasks so that the nation ’ s small businesses can spend time on surviving , growing and thriving . Hence why this collaboration with Revolut is so important ; we look forward to supporting our joint customers and helping them operate more seamlessly .”
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