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// END-USER INSIGHT // platform as it prepares to roll out next-day delivery and meal customisation .

Shaun Pearce , Chief Technology Officer , Gousto , said : “ We identified Databricks as the standard in building real-time data platforms . The platform brings data engineering , data analytics and data science closer together , with a huge potential to make our journey to data strategy more efficient and collaborative .
“ We have reduced the time it takes to develop new ideas from days to minutes and increased the availability and accuracy of our data . This is essential as we continue to grow at pace , expanding our customer fulfilment capacity from one factory to four in the next year .”
Gousto moved from daily batch updates to near-real-time streaming data , utilising AutoLoader and Delta Lake . The robust and scalable Data Platform provided by Databricks enables Gousto to respond to an ever-growing demand by providing real time insight into performance on the factory picking lines , improving the quality and efficiency of the picking .
David Wyatt , SVP EMEA , Databricks , added : “ We are on a mission to help organisations solve the toughest problems . Gousto were already at an advanced stage with their analytics and they had a clear vision of the path ahead .
“ Together we have been able to build a costefficient data platform that can deliver their goals today and also set them up for the next phase of their growth , all fuelled by datadriven decisions .”
We asked Gousto ’ s CTO , Shaun Pearce , to tell us more about why the company chose to work with Databricks . . . .
When did you implement the Databricks platform and why did you decide to work with this vendor ?
We implemented the Databricks platform earlier this year after having identified them as the standard in building real-time data platforms .
What challenges were you looking to address ahead of selecting this solution ?
Prior to working with Databricks , we were very batch focused with our data insights . While the business had been growing rapidly over the last few years , our growth accelerated dramatically this year as a result of changes in consumer behaviour . It became more apparent that we needed a tool to enable real-time data insights to provide the foundations of this growth .
How are you using Databricks technology currently – what phase of the project are you at ?
We ’ re utilising Databricks ’ AutoLoader and Delta Lake for near real-time analytics dashboarding on the performance of our pick lines in our fulfilment centre .
The fulfilment centre is built on our own algorithms that optimise the speed of box packing , maximising pick accuracy and minimising food waste . The Databricks platform allows us to identify any bottlenecks in the fulfilment process , which improves the quality and efficiency of the picking . This is crucial as we expand our network of fulfilment centres from one to four sites in the next couple of years .
How do your staff find the technology ?
The tech allows the team to work more efficiently , making data-driven decisions much quicker . It takes away the heavy lifting when it comes to the business ’ s data strategy and the team value and trusts it .
What are the key benefits of this platform ?
The ultimate goal of using the platform to improve efficiencies on the picking line and make quicker data-driven decisions

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