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Databricks ’ data and AI technology to deliver its ambitious growth plans as the data-driven recipe box company prepares to triple capacity , creating over 1,000 new jobs in the process .
While having seen significant growth over recent years , Gousto accelerated its expansion plans in light of increased demand and the structural shift to online grocery , sparked by the lockdown . The partnership with Databricks is providing the foundation for this future growth .
Gousto has developed proprietary algorithms that optimise the speed of box packing , maximising pick accuracy and minimising food waste . The algorithms run across more than 50 weekly recipes , from Joe Wicks ’ Lean in 15 and family classics to an expanding range of meat-free plant-based options .
Gousto , which currently employs between 251 – 500 people , has established a marketleading position in the UK by utilising data and technology to offer choice , convenience and value . As a result , the company expects to report a significant maiden profit in 2020 . Through its work with Databricks , Gousto will enhance its industry-leading technology

Databricks delivers on Gousto growth plans

Gousto , a leading UK-based meal kit retailer , has leveraged a Databricks data management and AI solution , enabling the company to become more customer-centric and agile in response to the pandemic ; drive operational improvements and deliver on its strategic goal of maiden profitability in 2020 .
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