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Editor ’ s note

HE GRID FACTORY was tasked with helping

T an SME create highly accurate 3D city models . To do this , the technology solutions provider ’ s platform needed high levels of power . It found the solution in Proximity ’ s Edge 7 , a data centre in Swindon . Featuring on the front cover , Ben Jones , Founder and CTO of The GRID Factory , explained what the client required and how they found the answer with Proximity .

Due to the design of the Proximity Edge 7 data centre , Proximity was able to create an extremely comprehensive package that not only allows support for these new 3D and immersive workloads to be delivered but will also support resource-intensive computational workloads such as Blockchain , AI and ML on The GRID Factory platform . Turn to page 44 to find out more .
Our Editor ’ s Question this month focuses on marketing and what the best approach to marketing is for SMEs . Marketing can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful business , but budgets are understandably lower for SMEs . Our four experts explain how SMEs can make the most of their budget by using the most effective marketing strategies .
Our feature on page 28 focuses on FinTech . As the e-commerce market is becoming increasingly saturated , 2023 calls for smaller e-commerce businesses to think through the tools and re-evaluate solutions for retaining their competitive edge . Considering what FinTech options are available to them will help SMEs improve their e-commerce offering . ConnectPay lists four ways in which SMEs can remain at the top of their game .
Our feature on page 41 looks at security planning , which is a must for SMEs as they continue to face a complex and evolving cyberthreat landscape . This feature focuses on the landscape in the Middle East , where technological acceleration in the region dominates business decisions , and cybercriminals are taking advantage of vulnerabilities in SMEs ’ systems , networks and processes .
We also have a round-up of all the latest SME news from across our regions , while our ‘ intelligent ’ brands section looks at what ’ s new in sales and marketing , finance , HR and customer experience .
I hope you enjoy the magazine and if you ’ d like to contribute to any future issues , please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing rebecca @ lynchpinmedia . com
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