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“ Having successfully switched a workforce of over 300 onto remote working in under a week , we knew just what the Nutanix Cloud Platform was capable of doing and how easy it was to manage . Added to which , it offered us hypervisor neutrality which meant we had the option to simply migrate most of our existing VMware VMs rather than immediately switch everything over to the AHV hypervisor .
“ Over just two weekends we relocated both our primary and secondary data centres , but that ’ s not all ,” said Jon Cosson , Head of IT and CISO JM Finn .
“ By migrating all of our legacy servers and applications to the Nutanix Cloud Platform we were able to reduce the overall rack footprint by 75 % and realise tangible benefits in terms of operational costs and environmental impact .”
Customer outcome
Following an extensive needs analysis , Cosson and the team came up with a design which has enabled JM Finn to slim down its data centre infrastructure from 24 to just six equipment racks . An impressive 75 % reduction with major implications for both
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