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TO MINIMISE BREACHES . other purchase history ( 44 %), browsing history ( 34 %), job and finances ( 29 %) and health ( 27 %), this data storage is deemed inappropriate .
Once retailers have identified the data that is essential to improve customer experience while satisfying privacy concerns , they can turn their attention to delivering this personalised service . Working with a platform that enables this kind of service at speed is vital , using A / B servers to test out features on loyal users , then assessing their success before switching everyone to the new service . Quality assurance can also identify overzealous rules that could affect customer experience , ensuring that an optimal service is provided .
Service in an instant
Following personalisation , speed and the thirst for immediacy is a key trend in retail . The Amazon effect has changed e-commerce for good , with customers left with little patience for long delivery times , poor user experience and slow websites . When the stress of waiting for a page to load is equivalent to watching a horror movie , customers will jump ship to those that provide a seamless , rapid experience .
This raises performance challenges for retailers , trying to strike the right balance with personalised experiences . Traditional CDNs cache data at the edge , but going one step further and bringing that data all the way to the end-user ' s device will allow your website to load in under a second , even with high levels of personalisation .
Customers may have tapped through an ad or visited the site on a whim , but with fast loading times and good user experience they are more likely to browse an increased range of products and increase spend . Retailers should stress test their services before launch , using controlled experiments to ensure that high traffic does not affect speed of service . This can help to simulate Disaster Recovery scenarios and prepare Business Continuity plans , ensuring that retailers can minimise outages and get back up to speed rapidly .
Build cybersecurity into every step of your business plan
Ransomware breaches have increased by 13 % in a single year – representing a jump greater than the past five years combined . In particular , the retail sector has become
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