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Research from OpenText has revealed the growing level of concern among Singaporeans over the privacy and protection of personal data since the start of the pandemic .

The survey findings demonstrate an overall lack of knowledge about what specific data is stored and for what reason , as well as a lack of trust in how organisations store and manage that data . The key to restoring that trust lies in better information governance and protection , combining a robust Enterprise Information Management strategy with multi-layered security and data protection that provides greater assurance and delivers an information advantage . personal data . So much so that almost nine in 10 ( 85 %) say they have new concerns about how organisations are using their data since the pandemic began .
Such is the strength of these concerns that two in five ( 39 %) say they ’ d no longer use or buy from a company they were previously loyal to if it failed to protect or leaked their personal data . In addition , seven in 10 ( 69 %) would be willing to pay more to use or buy from an organisation that was expressly committed to protecting personal data .
New era of concern
As the world emerges from the worst of the global health crisis , Singaporeans are increasingly concerned about how their data is being managed and protected in this new normal .
In fact , nine in 10 ( 89 %) worry more about their personal data now that organisations operate distributed work models , with two in five ( 39 %) expecting those organisations to ensure everything is secure , no matter where their employees work from .
On top of that , now that the use of apps such as TraceTogether is no longer mandatory , for example , two in five Singaporeans ( 39 %) are concerned their data won ’ t be deleted even when it ’ s not needed to combat COVID-19 .
Survey highlights
With pandemic life over the last two-plus years being accompanied by the widespread adoption of remote working , a general shift to doing everyday activities online and the government roll-out of digital solutions such as Singapore TraceTogether , Singaporeans are becoming warier of those that have access to their
“ Since the pandemic took hold in early 2020 , consumers ’ concerns around where and how their personal data is being used is on the rise ,” said Sandy Ono , Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at OpenText . “ We are also now living in a time of unprecedented regulatory change with stringent data privacy regulations growing and evolving rapidly around the world . While the need to protect personal information has become mission-critical across all industry sectors and brings multiple compliance challenges , it also presents an opportunity . In protecting customers ’ data , organisations can safeguard customer trust , ensure continued brand loyalty and in so doing deliver an information advantage .” �
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