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Paul Baird , Chief Technology Security Officer , Qualys noise and allow SecOps teams to zero in on genuine threats and boost morale . Advanced Machine Learning-powered analytics is the answer , and in 2023 it will play a bigger role as highly regulated industries try to address their cybersecurity talent shortages .


More focus on supply chain risks
This year , CISOs must look to the SBOM ( software bill of materials ) to understand all the elements of the technology stack and their dependencies . Some of these will be deployed and maintained by third parties and can be weak points even for organisations with robust security postures . The supply chain must now be seen as integral to cybersecurity strategy , and if necessary , enterprises must support their suppliers in reaching higher levels of maturity . The SBOM will be an indispensable tool in understanding the chain , the gaps that must be plugged and who must plug them .
The year of living securely
Let 2023 be the year we take the lessons learned during the pandemic years and put them to use . We know how sophisticated attackers have become and we know the ways they can be slowed and beaten . All that remains is the will and resources to act . Adapting is the only way to beat the attacker , and with the right strategies , skillsets , regulation and commitment , we can do better and ensure we all have a happier new year than the cybergangs . �
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