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// INFOGRAPHIC // at a premium , more organisations are looking outside their four walls for guidance in this new cloud-first world .”

Cloud security leads investment priorities
Despite the economic challenges brought about by the pandemic , organisations show no sign of decreasing their investment in cybersecurity , with 70 % of survey respondents reporting that their cybersecurity budgets have increased over the past three years . The leading recipients of this new investment are cloud-native security ( 59 %), data security ( 50 %), consultative security services ( 44 %) and application security ( 41 %). According to the survey , cloud-native security is also the area where organisations are most likely to rely on an outside partner for expertise .
These investments align closely with the areas where organisations perceive their greatest concentration of threats , led by network security ( 58 %), closely followed by web application attacks ( 53 %) and cloud architecture attacks ( 50 %).
Security teams and the C-suite
The survey also looked closely at the relationship between security teams , boards and C-suite executives . Just under threequarters of respondents ( 70 %) say there has been an increase in board visibility for cybersecurity over the past five years , while 69 % cite better collaboration between the security team and members of the C-suite .
Only 13 % of respondents said there were significant communications gaps between the security team and C-suite , while 69 % of IT executives view their counterparts in the C-suite as advocates for their concerns . �
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