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Sydney Opera House , Sydney , Australia
Such services add a lot of value to the work conducted by Location IQ , but the Orbital Insight platform also allows analysis to be conducted much faster than was previously possible .
“ We initially had Orbital Insight work on a few different scenarios we gave them , presenting a range of existing case studies . The data that came back was high quality and we immediately saw the value in adding their solution to our existing data sources ,” said Inglis .
From there , Location IQ has continued to innovate with geospatial data provided by Orbital Insight and expanded the range of research and analysis services they offer clients .
“ At the start of our work with Orbital Insight the focus was on defining catchments for a specific property , establishing where their business was coming from ,” added Inglis . “ However , the range of uses has expanded since then and we can use their data to understand how long people will dwell inside that shopping centre , look at consumer behaviour at different times of the year and so on . You can get quite granular , say for example looking at how visitation patterns change from one week to the next or how specific incidents might affect visitation to a specific mall .”
One such pattern emerged when Location IQ examined the changes in consumer retail behaviour during and post-pandemic . Analysis established that , in many cases , consumers would visit their local , smaller shopping malls more than they had before and stayed away from larger premises for a while .
The outcome
Orbital Insight ’ s platform allows Location IQ to help clients make strategic business decisions , based on deep analysis of geospatial data .
Location IQ now uses Orbital Insight ’ s GO platform on almost every project that it undertakes for its clients .
By applying Artificial Intelligence to anonymised location data , the GO platform provides a better understanding of travel patterns , dwell times , foot traffic and demographics to help enterprise retailers and commercial developers make informed decisions . �
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