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eBay has unveiled its study on online businesses across the six south-east Asian markets of Indonesia , Malaysia , the Philippines , Singapore , Thailand and Vietnam . The Southeast Asia Small Online Business Trade Report 2022 highlights how small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ) in these countries are using the eBay e-commerce marketplace to successfully sell to international markets every year , adding a broad-based and resilient growth engine to the region ' s rapidly expanding economies .

The global influence of SEA ' s SMEs
SMEs constitute the backbone of south-east Asia ' s economy , forming a critical pillar of the economic system of every country in the region . Micro , small exported to 10 or more international markets . As a whole , the region ' s eBay-enabled small business community made sales in 214 international markets in 2020 .
Given the crucial roles that SMEs play in generating broader economic growth and prosperity , the report underscores how eBay has created a vibrant ecosystem – comprising payment solutions , shipping solutions , marketing tools , market intelligence and dedicated local teams – to help SME communities across south-east Asia succeed on the international stage through export opportunities . In this manner , eBay marketplace strives to promote the region ' s economic expansion , diversity and resilience .
Enabling SEA SMEs to sell to the world
eBay ' s global marketplace is uniquely positioned to offer south-east Asian SMEs e-commerce export opportunities . All eBay-enabled small businesses in Indonesia , Thailand and Vietnam are exporters , and more than 95 % in Malaysia , the Philippines and Singapore use eBay to reach global consumers .
These SMEs exporting on eBay have the reach of large enterprises , serving customers in an average of 25 different international markets on an annual basis . As a result , eBay enables small businesses to become global retailers from day one and the eBay marketplace offers them an extended growth runway that is both diversified and resilient . and medium-sized enterprises account for between 89 % and 99 % of total business establishments , and between 52 % and 97 % of total employment , in the 10 ASEAN Member States ( AMS ). They also contribute between 30 % and 53 % to each AMS ' gross domestic product ( GDP ), with export contributions estimated at between 10 % and 30 %.
Across the six countries featured in the report , an astounding 68 % of eBay-enabled small businesses
" eBay ' s primary focus in south-east Asia is to enable SMEs to sell to the world – its marketplace offers 142 million active buyers across 3,000-plus product categories with market access to 190 countries ,” said Vidmay Naini , Country Manager for south-east Asia and India . “ SMEs in the region have a wealth of inventory that global consumers want and they need to differentiate and drive scale by exploring e-commerce export options . With this goal in mind , eBay is building a robust ecosystem , with its deep technology expertise and partnerships with key government stakeholders as well as logistics service providers , to enable SMEs to do just that .” �
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