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Editor ’ s note

ELLO AND WELCOME to the 23rd edition

H of Intelligent SME . tech . I hope you ’ ve had a wonderful month and that you enjoy the latest issue . This month ’ s cover story features Colombia Wireless . Columbia Wireless is a high-speed Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) delivering connectivity throughout British Columbia , Canada .

The company experienced a Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS ) attack that saturated its upstream provider links , effectively bringing down its network service for all customers for about one hour in the middle of a business day . The company had never experienced such an attack before and was caught completely off guard . Following the first attack , Columbia Wireless lost approximately 25 % of its business .
To address the problem of DDoS attacks and the ineffective process it had for dealing with them , Columbia Wireless deployed Corero ’ s SmartWall DDoS Protection solution . Ben Leslie , CEO of Columbia Wireless , tells us more about the implementation and how Corero ’ s solutions have helped in protecting the company ’ s customers and their networks .
Meanwhile , this month ’ s Editor ’ s Question , on page 20 , asks how can employers help young people start their careers . Three HR experts from Skillsoft , SumTotal and Cubic Corporation offer us their thoughts .
In our Expert Profile , on page 34 , Ron Kol , CTO at Bright Data , speaks to us about data collection . When analysing data , it ’ s important to understand what is being taken and how it is being processed . Kol tells us more about public web scraping and debunks five myths surrounding it .
This theme of data continues with our Industry Unlocked , on page 37 . Sana Commerce , a leading B2B e-commerce platform , deployed a new ordering portal for Food & Dairy Co – a Sydney-based business . Daniel Wickman , CFO at Food & Dairy Co , tells us more about this implementation and how it has benefited the company .
On page 41 , James Tamblin , BlueVoyant UK President , outlines the importance of businesses having an incident response plan in place to respond to cyberattacks quickly and efficiently . He highlights the steps organisations should take to develop a reliable incident response plan .
Finally , in Scaling Up , on page 64 , Greg Inglis , Director of Data and Analytics at Location IQ , speaks to us about the company ’ s recent implementation of Orbital Insight and how it has helped his company ’ s portfolio in the retail sector .
We also have a round-up of all the latest SME news from across our regions , while our ‘ intelligent ’ brands section looks at what ’ s new in sales and marketing , finance , HR and customer experience .
I hope you enjoy this issue and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ’ d like to contribute to a future edition .
Catherine Darwen , Assistant Editor , Lynchpin Media
Rebecca Miles , Editor of Intelligent SME . tech and Intelligent CXO , is currently on maternity leave . While she is enjoying precious time with her new arrival , Catherine Darwen will be heading up Intelligent SME . tech and Intelligent CXO . You can get in touch at catherine @ lynchpinmedia . com


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