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Consumers pay the price as data breach costs reach alltime high
IBM has released the annual Cost of a Data Breach Report , revealing costlier and higher-impact data breaches than ever before , with the global average cost of a data breach reaching an all-time high of US $ 4.35 million for studied organisations .
With breach costs increasing nearly 13 % over the last two years of the report , the findings suggest these incidents may also be contributing to rising costs of goods and services .
In fact , 60 % of studied organisations raised their product or services prices due to the breach , when the cost of goods is already soaring worldwide amid inflation and supply chain issues .
The perpetuality of cyberattacks is also shedding light on the ‘ haunting effect ’ data breaches are having on businesses , with the IBM report finding 83 % of studied organisations have experienced more than one data breach in their lifetime .
Supporting Australia ’ s SME workforce requirements
The Naval Shipbuilding College ( NSC ) continues to strengthen its support for Australian business workforce requirements by expanding its services to Australian SMEs .
Major international contractors will transfer expertise and knowledge to Australian shipyards over the coming years to build and sustain the Australian Naval Fleet . Workforce support for the Australian SME community is a vital component to ensure the success of the Australian Government ’ s ambitions to establish a sovereign shipbuilding capability .
The NSC ’ s free workforce register and JobsPortal allows job seekers to search for vacancies in the shipbuilding sector , update their job profile , select target organisations and apply quickly and securely .
The expansion of the JobsPortal to allow an SME ’ s direct access provides even more opportunities for registered candidates to access employment opportunities . It also allows recruiters to connect with qualified workers who are registered on the NSC National Workforce Register .
PCSN brings enterprise security to SMBs
PC . Solutions . Net ( PCSN ) has developed some technologies that not only allow secure connectivity from any device but brings this technology at a price point that small businesses can afford .
This technology levels the playing field for start-ups and companies with smaller budgets compared to some of the larger enterprises who have exclusively enjoyed such technologies in the past .
Companies considering switching to cloud computing are faced with many challenges . One of the challenges is how to secure your intellectual property while in a public cloud infrastructure .
“ Many companies , especially in the SMB space , are reluctant to move to the cloud because of the concern that cloud technology is not secure or is unaffordable ,” said Nadeem Azhar , Owner of PCSN .
“ This is no longer the case . A properly designed infrastructure in the cloud is more secure and reliable than on-premises setup .”
This technology not only makes SMBs more competitive , but also levels the playing field . �
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