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Thierry Nicault , Area Vice President – Middle East and
North Africa , Salesforce
Re-evaluating the customer experience
But change doesn ’ t end with product . The sustainability lens can also be applied to wider customer experiences . For example , incentivising consumers to purchase more to receive benefits such as free next day delivery and free in-mail returns should be re-evaluated if companies want to adopt a green ethos .
And re-evaluation isn ’ t always a bad thing . According to Salesforce research , 42 % of shoppers say they will consider paying more for sustainable shipping options or select a longer delivery window . The sweet spot is keeping premiums under US $ 2 for shipping . And for those unable to pay , businesses most give the option to accept longer delivery times .
When it comes to free returns , every returned package leaves a trail of emissions from the planes , trains , trucks and vans that carry it back to the retailer . Many items damaged in transit head to landfill . When large amounts of product are bought and then returned with no implications , businesses don ’ t profit and the planet suffers .
The reality is , re-defining the customer experience by removing purchasing benefits might affect sales in the short term , but can help drive trust long-term amongst ecoconscious consumers .
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