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AI allows teams to develop policies that leverage context , such as the user role , device type , certificate status , location or day of the week to make quick and accurate automated decisions . By leveraging AI correctly , adjustments can be made even before network issues arise .
Solutions such as Aruba ’ s ‘ Edge Services Platform ’ ( ESP ) are based on nearly a decade
Jacob Chacko , Regional Director – Middle East , Saudi & South Africa at Aruba , a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
– only being as secure and agile as the operators managing them .
In fact , our recent – At the Edge of Change Report – found that the majority of IT decision-makers globally said feel there is a skills shortage impeding their ability to unlock the power of the data produced in their organisation . Undoubtedly , this is a repercussion of the limit the pandemic has put on business ’ budgets . SMBs especially may suffer here , with their ability to employee a dedicated IT team that can ensure the network is managed correctly restricted .
Enter AIOps
With the sheer volume of devices connecting to any given network , manual human intervention is simply no longer practical . Which is where Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) comes in to save the day . of experience in developing AI solutions and accessing a deep historical data lake to train the Machine Learning algorithm . The platform works automatically with 95 % accuracy to identify problems that would typically take an engineer hours to solve .
The added benefit of AI-driven platforms , is that they allow you to reallocate employee time , meaning they can focus on more critical tasks and planning for the year ahead .
Ultimately , to keep up with today ’ s challenging and unpredictable economy , businesses will need to update and redefine their network and IT . With the wide scale democratisation of DevOps services , alongside the growing desire of consumers to look more locally for products or partners , SMBs are steadily climbing the ladder and becoming a force for their larger counterparts to reckon with . �
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