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Cainiao announces solution and partnership to empower small businesses
Cainiao , a logistics arm of Alibaba Group , has announced the launch of a digital endto-end e-commerce logistics services for SMEs . This includes services such as pickup , warehousing , supply chain , customs clearance and lastmile delivery in 120 countries worldwide , as well as realtime parcel tracking , one-stop after-sales service , delivery guarantees and warranty .
The pilot launch of this integrated solution is done in partnership with ShopLazza , a Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) platform that specialises in various aspects of Direct-to- Consumer ( DTC ) e-commerce , such as order and consumer loyalty management and operational data analysis reports .
For merchants who want to expand their business overseas , the solution provides them with customisable , affordable and efficient logistics services . This integration will allow SMEs to leverage the enterpriselevel logistics system on ShopLazza , while providing access to Cainiao ’ s global logistics network , thereby increasing their overall visibility , productivity and efficiency .
Joblist launches job postings to help employers hire
Joblist has launched a job posting product aimed at helping employers find and recruit more quality candidates .
The affordable , self-serve solution allows companies to promote their job openings to Joblist ’ s large audience of job seekers in just a few quick steps .
Joblist ’ s new job posting product comes at a critical time , as many businesses struggle to hire workers .
According to the CBNC / SurveyMonkey Q1 2022 Small
Business Index , 52 % of small business owners say it ’ s become more difficult to find qualified candidates in the last year and 29 % report being unable to fill positions that have been open for months .
“ COVID-19 and Great Resignation have created hiring challenges for all employers , but especially SMBs ,” said Kevin Harrington ,
CEO of Joblist . “ It takes too long and costs too much to find the right candidates .”
Study highlights disproportionate risk of inflation on SMEs
A study released by Bhavan ’ s SP Jain Institute of Management and Research ( SPJIMR ) has found that the impact of inflation on SMEs is far greater than is suggested by the current retail or wholesale inflation rates estimated by the government .
The study , undertaken by SPJIMR ’ s Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship ( CFBE ), found that a vast majority of SMEs have experienced significant operating cost increases and are responding with price increases – a strategy that may not be sustainable . The SMEs surveyed for the study attribute their rising operating costs to increases in the prices of raw materials , fuel , and labour .
While raw material price increases are affecting both the manufacturing and service sectors , the rise in fuel and labour costs is having a greater impact on the SME service sector than on the SME manufacturing sector .
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