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Keep informed and become cyber-alert
Cybersecurity is constantly evolving and therefore business leaders have to stay up to date to stay protected . Comprehending the vulnerability of the systems being used , as well as the changing trends of cybersecurity , will ensure businesses are on the front foot .
One simple way is to read through news publications , Internet forums and social media channels to stay informed . By remaining cyber-alert , businesses can better navigate their cyber-resilience , ensuring they are protecting the business and staying compliant . While the pressures of running a business can mean this additional reading can often go to the bottom of the list , resources like the National Cyber Security website provide the key information businesses need to know , offer training and advice on remaining legally compliant and support with gaining any necessary certification .
Regular backups
Despite all the precautions and best steps businesses may take , they may still be breached by an attack . What happens if an attacker gains access ? The main issue here is both recovery , to ensure the business can get back up and running as quickly as possible , and damage limitation . Hackers often cover their digital tracks by destroying data they have come into contact with , so it ’ s vitally important for a business to be prepared for any eventuality . By regularly backing up data , businesses will be better placed to save both time and money as they can continue to operate much faster after an attack has taken place .
Backing up data can involve many different methods ; one involves the use of external hard drives and is the safest way to protect both business and customer data . The external device can be physically kept under lock and key and , if required , used to restore all of the potentially lost data .
Another option is to set up a cloud back up which can be a cost-effective and convenient solution . Businesses can control both the volume and frequency of data being stored in the cloud whilst gaining the ability to draw from their stored files at any given time . Whilst this is a fantastic option , businesses need to understand that data backed up on the cloud is in the hands of an external provider . Therefore , if their provider suffers from a data breach , they too may be affected .
The case for cybersecurity
The pandemic has shifted the increase in cyberattacks like never before and it is important , now more than ever , for those businesses who have digitally transformed to become cyber-resilient . Understanding the vulnerabilities of the software being used , keeping it constantly updated and finding ways to add those extra layers of protection will help in the prevention of any breach . And of course , regularly backing up data and having fail-safe mechanisms in place will ultimately bring any business the peace of mind it needs . �
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