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F cutting edge medical supplies , equipping hospital chains and surgeries across five countries throughout the Middle East , speed and reliability are of the essence for Al Zahrawi Medical .

With a rapidly growing healthcare industry in the region and a strong market potential as the business continues to expand across the Gulf and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ), Al Zahrawi has doubled revenues over the past five years as it adds more customers to a richer portfolio of products and services .
The distributor now uses NetSuite ’ s ERP software . A local implementation partner , Crowe , helped provide additional training for easy adoption and integration .
Al Zahrawi can now deal instantly with hundreds of healthcare manufacturers and medical products that require careful tracking and classifications to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements . Inventory management tools also ensure that deliveries

Medical supplier heals business as it injects tech in the Middle East

Dubai-based Al Zahrawi Medical is a healthcare services company specialising in medical , surgical , diagnostic and analytical lab supplies with a presence throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ), UAE , Oman , Bahrain and Qatar . It chose NetSuite ’ s ERP software for everything from finance to logistics to sales and forecasting , having concluded that cloud-based systems would be easiest to integrate across multiple countries .
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