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Kaspersky launches security hub as 45 % of South African SMBs struggle to fund cybersecurity
Kaspersky has unveiled a free platform with tips and tricks for small businesses to help them quickly improve their organisation ’ s security .
Kaspersky Cybersecurity on a Budget provides a set of short but actionable recommendations relevant for any company , as well as specific , but still easy to follow tips for different verticals and business needs . This includes data and communication protection , secure use of various digital platforms , website security and much more .
According to a new Kaspersky report How small businesses got through 2020 – 2021 : Budget cuts , product launches , and new investment priorities , in 50 % of all South African businesses , financial difficulties seen during the past 12 months will likely become permanent , so business leaders will have to carefully choose what to spend money on . A total of 45 % of local small businesses struggle with funding for cybersecurity improvements even if they realise the importance of protection from cyberthreats .
TikaPac and Bridgeline cut prospecting time in half
Bridgeline Digital , a cloud-based marketing technology software provider , has announced that its WooRank SEO software has successfully cut prospecting time in half for TikaPac , a leading marketing agency for the print industry .
The marketing agency has transformed its business by cutting lead qualification time and expediting the sales process with WooRank ' s Lead Generation Tool . The tool is ideal for agencies to attract and qualify leads for digital marketing and SEO services . TikaPac ' s site users can run their website reports directly through the agency ' s landing page and be quickly identified as prospects for the agency ' s services .
" The pay back , if used properly , is well worth the ongoing investment in WooRank ," said Tim Roberts , President , TikaPac . " In the same workday , I can be more productive with existing clients and get the same prospecting results in half the time .”
From the prospecting process to the final reports to customers , TikaPac uses WooRank to increase productivity and grow business .
Transamerica supports small business efforts to recruit employees
Transamerica is helping small businesses gain advantages in hiring and retaining employees in the demanding job market with a retirement plan programme available through year-end . Enhancing employer-sponsored benefits , such as the company ' s retirement plan , can help attract and reward both future and current employees .
“ During the past year , we ' ve been hearing from participants that they appreciate help planning for their financial future , especially during these uncertain times ," said Kent Callahan , Chief Executive Officer for Transamerica ' s Workplace Solutions division . " We ' ve also heard from small business employers that recruiting and retaining workers is exceptionally difficult in this current market .”
For small businesses that choose Transamerica for their retirement plans before the end of the year and offer Transamerica ' s Managed Advice service , plan recordkeeping fees will be waived for one full quarter .
Managed Advice enables retirement plan participants to receive professional asset allocation , along with access to one-on-one support from qualified Transamerica Investment Advisor Representatives .
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