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// TECH TRENDS // those surveyed have conducted one in the past 12 months . A further 16 % have conducted one more than five years ago and have no plans to do one in the future and 12 % have never conducted one and don ’ t plan to . These findings demonstrate a lack of understanding regarding the importance of risk monitoring – which can often highlight new security issues teams may not be aware of .

“ What ’ s clear from the new insights is that businesses understand the importance of both on adhering to data protection compared to before the pandemic . However , 13 % are actually giving it less attention , with almost half ( 48 %) selecting the main reason as time pressures and job workload meaning insufficient time to ensure the business is upto-date with the latest protection legislation .
With the Information Commissioner ’ s Office setting significant monetary fines for breaches to GDPR law , businesses must ensure they are fully aware of compliance procedures and the
Peter Prahl , SVP International and Digital Cloud , IONOS cybersecurity and data protection , but missing skillsets are leaving organisations extremely vulnerable . That ’ s why it ’ s vital companies put measures in place to plug these gaps and don ’ t hesitate to work with external expertise to ensure businesses are protected ,” said Achim Weiss , CEO of IONOS .
Weiss added : “ When it comes to withstanding a cyberattack , fortunately the pandemic has put this front of mind . Eight in 10 businesses say they feel prepared to handle one , despite any skills gaps they have , with the main reasoning being greater investment in secure cloud services ( 37 %). While internal procedures like staff training are an important step in preventing attacks , seeking external support and services and working with designated providers can provide an extra layer of defence and much needed peace of mind .”
In addition , almost six in 10 businesses ( 58 %) surveyed say they are putting more focus latest legislative requirements to follow when handling personal data .
“ When it comes to data protection , action must be taken to bridge knowledge gaps . IT teams are under great pressure to adhere to the latest legislation , but one way to help minimise risk when it comes to data is to work with European-based cloud providers that adhere to GDPR – rather than those that must also work under laws such as the US CLOUD act ,” Weiss added .
Intelligent SME . tech spoke to Peter Prahl , SVP International and Digital Cloud , IONOS , to find out more about how the findings impact small and medium enterprises .
Are you able to highlight how these findings relate to SMEs ?
The COVID-19 pandemic has placed digitalisation firmly in the spotlight . With more businesses than ever before operating

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