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Alan Barrett , Head of IT at TWM Solicitors
In the future , TWM Solicitors hopes to use Zerto to move more workloads into the cloud while utilising the platform ’ s continuous Disaster Recovery . The Zerto platform will help make future TWM Solicitors ’ data migrations seamless .
Zerto was able to help TWM Solicitors meet its demands for continuous backup for better Disaster Recovery , and the future of backup is moving toward continuous backups instead of periodic .
Alan Barrett , Head of IT at TWM Solicitors , told Intelligent SME . tech more about the solution and how it has helped TWM Solicitors .
How simple was the Zerto solution to deploy and how much maintenance is required ?
Any solution that you install within your infrastructure , that will cause a paradigm shift in how you approach your DR and BC , is always going to be allocated a serious amount of time . It is important that you get it right – to stress test it to ensure that the product can deliver the intended results and will prove to be reliable when you really need it .
I ’ m pleased to say that while I allocated a significant amount of time to the installation and testing of Zerto , I in fact used approximately 25 % of the allocated time due to the crisp and clear design principles that the creators of Zerto have followed and how that carries over into the support I received while going through the installation process .
I like to learn by seeing the product and testing ( playing ) with it before it goes live to make sure that I can navigate round the interface and get to grips with things . Its support team were a great help in facilitating that and offered key guidance on getting the base build in quickly before the fine tuning .
When you run IT estates you become familiar with taking on new software and assimilating how the user interface works and the often forgotten tasks of then maintaining the solution with the latest version . The interface in Zerto is so easy to grasp and configure , it took no time at all to learn and , when the regular upgrades are released , the upgrade process is easy to follow and causes minimal disruption . Again , the engineering team has really thought through how to get updates out with the minimum of fuss .
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