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FOR US . we felt that as we continued growing we did not want all our eggs in one basket . As an online seller you need to spread your risk , so that a decrease in activity in one channel can be compensated by another one . We started looking out for other alternatives and found Fruugo to be a good match .
What are the key benefits of using Fruugo ?
The key benefit of using Fruugo is the global reach it has given our business , which has led to substantial sales growth for us .
We can now reach consumers in a number of countries across the world in a way that was not feasible previously , and target countryspecific demands almost immediately . Many consumers also distrust the big marketplaces and prefer using sites like Fruugo to shop , so now we are tapping into those sales too .
How has Fruugo enabled you to take your product beyond country borders ?
We have always had customers outside of the UK , with Germany being a key market for a long time . With Fruugo we have been able to build on that very quickly , thanks to the support it offers with copy translation , marketing and currency conversions . It is great for us to be able to send our products to people in Switzerland , the Netherlands , Denmark , Israel , the US and many other places we previously did not serve .
How does Fruugo help your business day to day ?
Fruugo helps the day to day running of our business by ensuring we always have a growing stream of orders to fulfil , with minimal effort needed to be put into marketing and coordinating the international side of our business . This means we not only grow our sales but also save time that can be used for strategic activities .
How far has Fruugo enabled your business to scale ?
As a family business that started with a stock of just £ 500 worth of fake eyelashes which were shipped from our living room , Boolavard has gone through numerous rounds of rapid upscaling over the last eight years . In the past couple of years , Fruugo has been a key part of this journey as it has helped us broaden our consumer base around the world – even during COVID-19 .
The agile nature of trading through Fruugo means we can continuously change our sales and marketing strategies to make sure they are in tune with customer demand trends and beat a lot of competitors to the punch .
Can you offer any advice to other online retailers looking for the next step in order to grow ?
One of the main things we ’ ve learnt – particularly this year – is that being agile and adapting your business model and sales strategies to the situation at hand can pay dividends . You need to change in line with consumer demand .
As an online business , we are lucky that marketplaces we use provide a wealth of data and we can use this to our advantage .
For all e-commerce businesses , diversification is also key . While it might be best to start with a focused approach , do not hesitate to pursue multiple channels .
Finally , you need to nail the basics . It might sound boring , but hard work , dedication and continuous reinvestment in your business is key to growth . There is no way around that .
How do you plan to work with Fruugo going forward ?
We are currently on a roll with Fruugo and we envision this continuing in the foreseeable future . Since we first started trading on the platform a few years ago it has gone from being just one more sales channel for us to utilise to being something we keep in mind when devising our overall strategies .
Our experience this year has truly demonstrated how valuable Fruugo can be , so as we continue managing the twists and turns of the current retail climate we are sure we ’ ll find other ways to make use of the platform to further grow our sales and expand into new markets . �
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