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a text-based programming language used to make web pages interactive . For more advanced users , the Raspberry Pi can be used to gain experience in languages such as HTML and CSS .
In summary , the pandemic has put a spotlight on digital literacy and education , and if we ’ re to address the skills gap , we must start encouraging the workforce of the future much earlier . Countries in the Middle East and Africa ( MEA ) can gain insight from the European Commission ’ s revised Digital Education Action Plan that emphasises the commitment to accelerating Digital Transformation and providing access to digital skills for all . There ’ s a wealth of materials , tools and support out there to spark inspiration in children and to show them that technology could open all manner of opportunities in a world where the nature of work is changing .
Learn to code
While the Raspberry Pi is a great resource for entry-level learning and inspiring people to increase their digital aptitude , it can also be used for more advanced purposes such as learning to code software . Given that software developers are in high demand and short supply , showing children this is an opportunity , and encouraging and challenging those who show an interest , could lead to much greater things , both for them and for the businesses eventually looking to recruit them .
While teaching children digital skills is not a new practice , affordable devices like the Raspberry Pi are perfect for helping them to generate interest in technology and learn valuable skills – particularly as home learning has taken off so much . Early interventions and experiences often set students up for life and by showing what ’ s possible with tech , we can help build a workforce that ’ s future ready . �
As well as introductory courses such as Scratch and Code-org , which are great ways to introduce children to coding concepts , there are three core coding languages which beginners can learn using the Raspberry Pi , which is powerful enough to be run as a mini Linux server .
The first is Python , often used as a support language for software developers , for build control and management , as well as testing . It is a popular language for children to try and experiment with , due to the relatively straightforward ‘ syntax ’, or text required to perform commands successfully , it has compared to other languages . The second is Java , which is still one of the most popular languages used to build large enterprise class applications . The third is JavaScript ,
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